Terms and Conditions

 To confirm your booking please pay 50% advance of your total contribution towards the basic costs for using the space. (Non-refundable).

Janus welcomes and encourages performance groups to perform here but also requests the following:

  1. Any damage during set up or show, will have to be reimbursed by the group using the space.
  2. Keep the space and greenroom facilities clean.
  3. Discourage late-comers into the show after the 3rd bell.
  4. No food or beverages to be brought into the auditorium .
  5. Maximum seating allowed is 50.
  6. There should not be any heavy sets or heavy props brought into the Janus space. There is no space for storage of sets and baggage . Also no more than 5 persons can be accommodated in the green room before, during and after the show.
  7. Please keep to the timings of the slots as per allocation. Slot allocation timings shall be followed strictly and the doors of the auditorium shall not be opened under any circumstances before the allotted time.
  8. We offer available lights & sound equipment with our available technical help to assist your operators.
  9. Smoking is not allowed in any of the spaces of Janus – smokers must go outside the building to smoke.
  10. Individuals / Groups / Artists must ensure that no illegal or socially unacceptable activity or behaviour is indulged in within the Janus spaces or the building premises.
  11. Groups / Individuals will be allowed to put up their publicity material only at specified spaces at Janus, assigned to them.
  12. As Janus is offering the space at a subsidised rate Individuals / Groups / Artists shall share all the creatives for the publicity and it should carry the logo of Janus.
  13. All the Printed Art Work must be approved by the creative department of Janus. So before publishing any artwork please send a JPG to info@januskolkata.in
  14. Publicity in Social Media (Facebook, Instagram etc) from your end must contain the “Janus” logo and f/januskolkata must be tagged in the campaign.
  15. In case sponsors are involved then a mutually agreed percentage has to be shared with Janus.
  16. Any other promotional activities need prior clearance from Janus.
  17. We discourage any payments/ tips/ gifts to our staff members or agencies employed by Janus.
  18. No photography of Janus productions and Exhibitions are allowed.
  19. All publicity material should be submitted 15 days prior to the show and with adequate details.
  20. If Janus decides to collaborate with any individual or group then the box office collections shall be shared 50/50 with Janus. Rehearsals will have the usual charges.
  21. In case of matters beyond our control – like a power failure during a show or a session – we will refund the entire amount paid. Otherwise we can offer an alternative date free of charge.
  22. The lift cannot be used for transportation of props and sets. That should be brought up the stairs without damaging either the stairs or the lobby.
  23. As per our present policy, we are only allowing our Black Box space for work strictly associated with theatre. The space cannot be allocated for any dance, music or shooting purposes.
  24. Regarding the allocation of the spaces for any performance or exhibition or collaboration the decision of our board of directors will be final.
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