A solo show
by Protyusha Mitra


I was brought up within calm greenery, far away from the city. I studied in a school without classrooms and boundary walls. We took our classes under the trees. I am fortunate to grow up so close to nature. Over the years, I have seen the villages change their socio-cultural fibre in the name of development, and all this unknowingly entered in my works.

The basic idea of my work is the journey of change. The continuous contradictions with cohabiting objects or incidents. My concern, however, is not in its criticism; but rather on depicting the rapid changes. Scenes that were a part of our everyday lives for decades are in sharp contrasts with the ‘new’ and the ‘artificial’.

I love to explore various mediums & materials. Not necessarily realistic but, different spaces, obstacles, motifs and designs, play a vital role in my paintings. Windows or it is better to say the suggestion of windows constantly came into my work as a metaphorical and in-between space of the two different worlds which reflect the contrasts.

Recently, I have been working on discarded pieces of wooden window panels. Consciously chosen, because the wooden window of older houses has been on a journey of its own.  The scars, the rusty nail marks, the uncountable layers of colours are the witnesses to the personal and social history. These window panels have all once been the pride of both grand mansions and humble dwellings. They are soaked in nostalgia and are markers of time travel. These painted spaces can bring about a visual twist, a way to re-imagine the spaces before they change or be demolished.

Architecture plays a salient role in my works. I use discarded, decayed wooden pieces, which themselves carry history, often manipulated by man, to portray the grey cityscape and distortions of the natural view. A continuous process of change and contrast.