1. What is Kolomkari? 

It is a platform for writers, readers, artists and art lovers where they can share their original creations with each other. . It is being organized by Jodi Bolo Rongin and Janus Cultural Society.

2. Who will mediate?

The session on writing will be mediated by Jodi Bolo Rongin and the art session will be mediated by artist Sohini Gupta on behalf of Janus.

3. What is our objective?

To aid the expression of original creative thought and facilitate the exchange of ideas among writers, readers, artists and art lovers.

4. When?

Kolomkari will take place over two days. Two separate sessions will be held on the first day and the final session will be held on the second day.

Day 1, Session 1
6th October (Saturday), 2 PM-4PM

An art session mediated by Sohini Gupta where artists and art lovers will share their creations and engage in a mutual exchange of artistic ideas.

Day 1, Session 2
4:30-6:30 PM
Facilitated by Jodi Bolo Rongin, writers and readers will share their creations and interact with each other about their approaches to their craft.

Day 2, 7th October (Sunday)
12-2:30 PM
In the final session, all the participants from both groups will collaborate to produce new creations combining these two forms and present them to an audience. These works will later be displayed at Janus Gallery and also on Jodi Bolo Rongin’s Facebook page.

6. Why should you participate?

If you are passionate about writing or art, Kolomkari will provide a platform to independently explore your passion in the presence of like-minded people.

7. Is any prior experience required? Is there any age limit?

No. No prior experience is required. There is no age limit.