Prostuti is an improvisational play, demonstrating our methodology of functioning to design a new play. You will propose the subjects and we will design the corresponding dramatic sequences. An interesting interactive play where audience is not only a passive applauder but contributes linearly to the play.

About the Actors:



Sima Ghosh hadPost  Graduated from Calcutta University with First Class in Mathematics. She started her acting career after meeting Manish Mitra and joining his Group KASBA ARGHYA.She is a regular actor in the group and has performed in lead roles in different plays. Her performance in the character of Nandini in KasbaArghya’s play Raktakarabi was highly appreciated. She had made lots of International trips with the group , the most significant being the trip to Odin Teatret when she chanced to meet Eugenio Barba and JuliyaBharle . Manish directed the International production of Rabindranath Tagore’s Daakghar , which was premiered in Warsaw , supported by the Polish Government to commemorate the birthday of JanuszKorzack  and Sima played the role of Amal in the same. Though never trained in any formal schooling of music Sima has ta strong reputation of singing folk songs . She was trained in Pandavani under PadmabhusanTeejan Bai in 2005 , when Teejanji started calling her  ChotaTeejan and also gifted her own Tambura to Sima with the conviction that Sima  would be able to carry on her legacy ahead of time. Since then Sima had performed Pandavani and even shared stage with Teejan Bai in many national and international events around the country. Sima has a special love for costume designing and has designed costume for all recent plays of KasbaArghya .Sima got the META award , arguably the most prestigious award for theatre artists in India, as the Best Actor (Female) and also Best Costume designer in the year 2010.

Tapas Chatterjee

Tapas Chatterjee is a celebrated theatre artist who had associated himself with theatre since last 20 years.

Belonging to a remote rural area of West Bengal in the South 24 Parganasdistrict , he has been fascinated by the folk art forms of his native place. The tradition and the local folk lores inspired him to do theatre.

He formed his own theatre group UTTORAN with some of the boys in his locality.

Tapas did a very interesting play production with Walter De La mere’s poetry Listners.

Then he joined KasbaArghya and started working under the guidance of Manish Mitra.He participated in all the workshops of the group.

Tapas has a training in the traditional theatre Kutiyattam

Tapas played the lead role in at least 6 plays of KasbaArghya viz.

Tapas plays the lead narrator in Arghya’s 6 hour long play URUBHANGAM

At present he is working with many more groups in the rural belt of West Bengal as per the advice of Manish Mitra.

Tapas has directed two classroom productions for KasbaArghya

Tapas is planning to direct full fledged new productions on his own.

Raju Bera

A young enthusiast, Raju has earned great fame in contemporary Indian Theatre. Trained in Kathakali, Kalaripayattu, Bharatanatyam, Chhou, Ballet, Butoh. Raju’s body is said to have become a rich repertoire of different modes of physical articulation but he makes his body respond as per his sensibilities and his aesthetic values. Raju’s performance as a young actor was first applauded globally in KasbaArghya’s play Mahabharata. His solo performance in Macbeth Badya is appreciated as a new discovery of celebrating Macbeth’s tragic contradictions. He has travelled globally to perform in KasbaArghya’s plays. Raju has got great applauds in high words from many eminent Theatre director, choreographers and dancers of International repute like Eugenio Barba, Tobias Biancone(Director General

International Theatre Institute, Shanghai, China), RatanThiyam, Padmashree B. Jayashree, Artur Grabowski, Lukasz Chotkowski and so many.

 Mary Acharya

Mary Acharya is 1997-born, has passed her school leaving examination this year.  Before joining KasbaArghya she was an actor in West Bengal Government state repertory.  As a versatile actress she acted in important roles in all of  KasbaArghya’s recent productions.  She got her training in Pandavani from Shanti Bai Chelak and performs Pandavani regularly. She is the Production Controller in KasbaArghya’s magnum opus production Urubhangam. Mary has also performed in Eugenio Barba’s theatre Odin Teatretat Denmark and has extensively travelled in Europe, especially in Poland, where she gave a mesmerising solo performance as LadyMacbeth.