The play

The Red Curtain does good theatre for good causes. As part of a series of audience interactive productions for social causes that started with A Few Threads More and The Bigger Piece of Fish in 2014, this production explores a national and very contagious disease known as ‘ragging’.

The director

Sumit Lai Roy has been directing plays since 1970. His noteworthy directorial ventures include Richard III (1982), The Proof (2008) and Mastermoshai (2015) a play created for Spine Society West Bengal.

The playwright

Because of the lack of original material, Sumit Lai Roy has taken to writing plots, usually based on true life incidents which he workshops with the actors into a performance piece. He usually allows the actors to improvise around the plot in a form he calls “jazz theatre” where there is a plot, but no fixed dialogue.

The group

The Red Curtain has been doing theatre in English since 1969, which makes it the oldest functioning English Theatre Group in Kolkata. Started by The School Leavers of St. Xavier’s and Loreto, 1969, it has now been nurturing theatre in English for almost 50 years.