A solo show
by Sankar Mondal

Silent Layers

An artist is always searching for a visual language in his world. This language keeps changing its course with his surroundings and how he perceives them. When he is love the language is lyrical. When his universe is steady the language is calm. Ironically, calmness has a short life and it leaves behind storms. Wavering, tumultuous and noisy storms. Much like the times we are living in.

The colours which repeat themselves in this series are blue, red and brown in various intensities. These particular colours have evoked contradictory emotions since we named them. Blue which popularly signifies coolness is also the hottest part of fire. Red has gloriously signified passion since time immemorial; both passionate love and destructive anger. Brown, the colour of earth; that from which we are all created also symbolises decay – beginning and end. The colours could be the same physically but never remain constant.

The moment he thinks he has found his language something goes off, some pieces are broken, some force themselves in and the artist has to begin all over again. He stutters, he rambles and suddenly at one point, he stops. Layer by layer, he creates tirelessly and by this time, he has learnt the language of silence.


Sankar Mondal

Sankar Mondal (b: 1954) graduated in Fine Arts from the Government College of Art and Craft, in 1979. Since then he has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in reputed galleries all over the country. He is known for his eclectic subjects and unabashed use of colour. His works have made it to the collections of National Modern Gallery and several other private collections in India and abroad. He has a keen interest in folk arts as well and has collaborated with folk artisans of Bengal in workshops on Pata Chitra, Terracota, Bahururi and Dokra. Mondal received the prestigious IFACS award in painting in 2004.